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Oscoda Update

Saginaw Valley Region members,

We received notice from the Oscoda Airport they will no longer be able to accommodate solo events at their facility. A combination of expanding Kalitta operations and space port development are taking over the section of the airport we have been using. There isn't enough available space to continue running solo events in Oscoda. We will keep the dialogue open with the airport and continue to pursue using the site again in the future.

Between Detroit Region and Saginaw Valley Region, the Oscoda Airport has been home to 30 years of solo events. We are all sad to see that run come to an end. We greatly appreciate the management of the Oscoda Airport for letting us create many wonderful memories at their facility.

Going forward, we will work hard to maintain our relationship with the City of Midland to continue holding events at Barstow Airport (dates pending for 2023). There will also be another Yooper Cup event in 2023 (June 9-11).

Of course we are always open to investigating new solo sites in the area. If you know of one please reach out to our solo chair, Sean Tate ( Sean will also be setting up a 2023 Solo planning meeting very soon. Keep your eyes open for that announcement.


David Feighner

2023 SVR Region Executive

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