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July Points Update

Hi everybody,

What a fun time in the U.P. and then at event 6!

It was great seeing everybody that showed up for the Yooper Cup charity event. The Yooper Cup was also SVR's events 4 and 5. So a little travel paid dividends if you made the trip. It was also fun seeing some folks driving cars or in a few cases Cmod and Fmod they don't normally drive. A huge thanks to the owners that shared their rides for those in need. It really is part of what makes the Solo community special.

I hope those that attended event 6 had fun on the course. I have to say for me, it was quite interesting. Also event 6 continued car and Fmod sharing. Again, a huge thanks to those folks who share their rides with others.

Posted are the PAX and Class points through the first six events. If you see anything you have questions about please reach out to me at I'll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Until I see you at the next event,

Jay Payne

SVR Pointskeeper

Class Points, event 6, 7-10-22
Download PDF • 254KB

PAX Points, event 6, 7-10-22
Download PDF • 242KB

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