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    September 2018 Nexteer event

    I am new to the autocross world. Is preregistering required for this event? Also, how can i tell if my helmet meets requirements?

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    Hello Franz and welcome to Saginaw Valley Region SCCA.

    Pre-registering for an event is not required, but it is encouraged. If you pre-register, you also save $5 as opposed to walking up the day of the event. For the September Nexteer event, go to this link to register. is how you would register for any other event you'd like to join as well.

    As for the helmets, the general rule, is that it has to be a SNELL approved helmet. Think below will show you all of the current acceptable certification labels. If you find one of these on the inside or outside of your helmet, you are all set.

    We hope to see you out there, and please don't be afraid to ask anyone for help.


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