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    What Class Am I?

    Hello all,

    I have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT. The only non factory items on the car is the addition of a remote starter. What class does it belong in?

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    According to the rule book your car would be in H Street (HS). The link below will take you to the SCCA rulebook for 2018 if you are inclined to read it.
    Your car is listed on page 154.

    Our first event is coming up next weekend! Registration is open at

    See you soon.

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    Thanks Caius, that link was very helpful for this noob

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    Time for another noobie question so staying in a noob thread. Is there a good shop in the Tri-Cities to buy helmets that qualify for Solo or do we need to purchase some online somewhere. BTW, everyone was wonderful to my kids for their first time event. They loved it and we all learned a lot to help us become better at the sport. Thanks all

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    We are always happy to see new-comers and are very glad you and you family had a good time. I don't think there are many local retailers, but you can try TeamTech in Saginaw. Maybe give them a call and see what they have. Some of their helmets may be a little on the high-end for what is required at autocross. Alternatively you can try as they have a few different kinds. Conquer makes a decent helmet that is probably the cheapest Snell approved helmet on the market. Also, you will want to get one that is Snell 2010 or 2015 preferably. 2005 is still currently valid, but not for much longer. Personally, I prefer open face helmets, since the full faces get a little hot in the middle of summer.

    I also took pictures at this event, so there should be some of you and your daughters driving the course. (Your son ran in the same heat as me, so I wasn't able to get any of him, hopefully next time) . They are free, and you can save them to your computer by right clicking then hit save as.
    Event Pictures Link

    We hope to see you guys at the next one!


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    Thanks again for the info Caius. Very helpful and the pictures of everyone at the event are awesome.��

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