• Ice Runs

    by Published on 02-09-2018 02:24 PM

    Ice Runs are a form of Rallycross, an off-road competition, occurring on a frozen body of water. These events are driving skill contests that emphasize the driver's ability and the car's handling characteristics in low-grip conditions. This is accomplished by driving a course that is designated by traffic cones on a body of water such as a lake or bay, and a course’s length may typically range from one to two miles.

    by Published on 01-13-2021 07:19 PM

    1. Event #1: Sunday, 1/17 (Cancelled due to lack of ice)
    2. Event #1 Backup: Sunday, 1/24 (Cancelled due to lack of ice)
    3. Event #2: Saturday, 2/13
    4. Event #3: Saturday, 2/, 27 (night) *see below
    5. Event #4: Sunday, 2/28
    6. Event #4 Backup: Saturday, 3/6

    We’ll continue to use Ross Lake, but there’s some potential for conflict with local activities that may have been misplaced due to the dam failures and flooding earlier this year (e.g. ice fishing that would’ve otherwise occurred elsewhere). We may elect or need to hold event(s) at Saginaw Bay as in years past; we’ll keep folks posted.

    Of course, with the ongoing pandemic, we’ll be providing information regarding safety protocols; expect that in the coming weeks. For now, feel free to reference SVR’s Solo guidelines published on MAE; ours will look very similar. Probably the biggest practical change is that we cannot provide loaner helmets, so you’ll need to furnish your own.

    As in years past, we’ll be posting events on MyAutoEvents and will open registration the week of the event(s).

    Keep your fingers crossed for consistent sub-freezing temps!

    Ashley DuPree
    SVR Ice Run Chair

    The events will soon be on and we will open registration as outlined below.
    As always, we encourage everyone to read through the items in the section below which are intended to try and maximize all participants' enjoyment and use of time; there are some slight changes from last year:

    1.Registration and Payment

    a. Registrations (and online payment) will take place on MAE, and we will open online registration for the events on the preceding Sunday at 8PM EST;

    b. Online pre-payment will be required through MAE (due to a handful of registrants not pre-paying and then not showing up without prior notification).  The events always sell out, so we're doing this to give as much opportunity as possible to those that absolutely want to participate.

    c. Refunds for cancelled reservations will be issued up until the event registration closes at 11:00PM on the Friday preceding the event.  Given the limited number of spots available, no-shows without 24-hour advanced notification will not be issued refunds; this is solely to promote mindfulness of others trying to secure one of the limited number of available spots.  If someone chooses to cancel, we implore them to do so as soon as they know, as spots may be slim and the wait list long. 

    i. Contact me if you have some extraordinary circumstance causing a last-minute cancellation after the aforementioned deadlines.

    d. 50 registrants/entrants limit for the daytime events, 40 for nightime events. If you cannot get a spot on MAE, please contact Judy Hudak at; she'll be keeping the entry and wait lists updated. 

    e. Walk-ups at the event will be first come, first served, but no spots are reserved for walk-ups.

    2.Event Day Process

    a. Registration/sign-in will open as soon as we’re able to set up, and we will be closing on-site registration/sign-in promptly at 10AM for the day events.  Absolutely no exceptions without an absolutely unavoidable issue; this does not include one too many presses of the snooze button.  If someone is in the registration line by 9:30AM, then they’ll be guaranteed the opportunity to register/sign in (assuming there’s space).  If you encounter calamity on your way to the event, feel free to call me; I'll be on site around 7:30AM.

    b. We will be limiting practice runs to 1-per-driver, and drivers must be in the registration line by 9:00AM or the practice run is forfeited.  Additional practices runs will be solely at the event coordinators’/starter's discretion.  Our goal is to make sure everyone is finished with practice runs before 10:15AM so that the Drivers Meeting can occur at 10:30AM.

    c. Tech inspections start at 8:00AM, earlier if possible. Please try to be on site as early as possible to start registration/sign-in and tech.

    d. Night run info TBD

    3.Qualified Tires & Vehicles

    a. Winter or snow/studded tires are preferred and are encouraged (and faster).  Good-condition all season tires with at least 4/32 inch tread are acceptable, but “good" is at the discretion of the tech inspector.  Any tires with less than 4/32 inch tires are not acceptable. Summer tires are not acceptable.  If you need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me beforehand.  Please note what type of tire you're using in the comments to the registrar when signing up for the event.

    b. Vehicles with a soft top are not allowed (i.e. convertibles).  Also, vehicles with high centers of gravity relative to their width (e.g. Smart Car, Fiat 500, etc.) are not allowed for safety reasons.  We're using the Solo calculations as a guide in this restriction, but it's at the discretion of the event organizers and Safety Stewards on questionable vehicles.  Please contact me if you have any concerns or need confirmation of eligibility.

    4.Cause for Performance-Based Disqualification:

    a. If someone is unable to leave the starting line without assistance, they will not be allowed to complete their runs.

    b. If someone loses control and requires assistance to resume their run (I.e. gets stuck) more than once, they will not be allowed to complete their runs.

    c. If someone skips their work assignment, they will not be allowed to complete their runs and will be barred from any remaining events of the season.

    d. Essentially, we’re trying to further reduce significant delays due to hooliganism, poor vehicle conditions and preparedness, and overall disregard for the enjoyment of the rest of the participants.

    Please understand that any of the rules and guidelines that we set forth are to encourage a safe and enjoyable event for all participants.  We welcome any feedback in this regard.

    Also, if anyone is interested in assisting with course setup or any of the other assignments to help get the event started, please let me know; we can always use additional help first thing in the morning!

    Thanks, and we hope to see everyone out on the ice!

    SVR Ice Run Chair