• 2021 Ice Runs Information

    1. Event #1: Sunday, 1/17 (Cancelled due to lack of ice)
    2. Event #1 Backup: Sunday, 1/24 (Cancelled due to lack of ice)
    3. Event #2: Saturday, 2/13
    4. Event #3: Saturday, 2/, 27 (night) *see below
    5. Event #4: Sunday, 2/28
    6. Event #4 Backup: Saturday, 3/6

    We値l continue to use Ross Lake, but there痴 some potential for conflict with local activities that may have been misplaced due to the dam failures and flooding earlier this year (e.g. ice fishing that would致e otherwise occurred elsewhere). We may elect or need to hold event(s) at Saginaw Bay as in years past; we値l keep folks posted.

    Of course, with the ongoing pandemic, we値l be providing information regarding safety protocols; expect that in the coming weeks. For now, feel free to reference SVR痴 Solo guidelines published on MAE; ours will look very similar. Probably the biggest practical change is that we cannot provide loaner helmets, so you値l need to furnish your own.

    As in years past, we値l be posting events on MyAutoEvents and will open registration the week of the event(s).

    Keep your fingers crossed for consistent sub-freezing temps!

    Ashley DuPree
    SVR Ice Run Chair
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