• Karting Summary

    Following the banquet, 14 of us headed to Clio karting for some racing fun. After a round of qualifying, we were split into 2 races.
    The "B" race had Kyle Roberts on pole position with Samuel Kaczynski along side him for the start. They got away clean, but it turned ugly when they reached the end of the back straight, with a 4 kart pile up involving Sam and Jackie Boboescu. After a kart change, and another heavy contact incident later also involving Sam, it was Kyle that cruised home to victory with Jackie in second and Alex in 3rd. Sam finished 3-laps behind.
    The "A" race was gridded with a mix up that put Dave Feighner on the front row to start, along side Larry. Dave kept a good pace while Kyle Chipps worked traffic behind him and then started to close up. In the end, Dave held off Kyle for second but they were nose-to-tail across the finish (and Caius just another 1 second back from them in 4th).
    Maybe we will do another one of these mid winter sometime? 😃

    Larry MacLeod
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