• September Points Update

    Hi folks,

    Here are your class and PAX points through the last 8 events.

    As always when running joint events there are some name conflicts because of the different registration platforms. I tried to make sure I had them all fixed but if you notice a mistake or somebody listed twice please reach out to me so I can fix it.

    If your name is in red on the class points, that means you are an SVR member, lead your class in points, and have enough events to qualify for a year-end trophy.

    On PAX if your name is in red, you are in the top 10 and have enough events to qualify for year-end PAX trophy.

    Remember, you only have one more event to have the required 5 events to qualify.

    As always, any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to reach out to me at my email.

    Be safe, be fast and have fun,

    Jay Payne
    SVR Pointskeeper

    2020 Class Points Updated 9-14-20.pdf
    2020 PAX Points Updated 9-14-20.pdf
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