• Spring Update

    Hi SVR members.

    Hopefully everyone saw our 2020 solo schedule was published.
    We are now less than 2 months away from the first event.

    Please note we are closely monitoring the virus situation in case we have to adjust any of those plans. If we are forced to postpone or cancel any events, we’ll try to make those announcements approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event.

    A few key notes:
    Loaner Helmets: We have decided to temporarily suspend our Loaner helmet program until further notice. We are announcing this now to give people the time to acquire their own before the start of the season.
    Minimum rating of Snell SA2005 or M2005 or newer for the 2020 season. This is the same as last season. See link below for requirement details.

    If you're buying a helmet
    TEAMTECH in Saginaw - Curt Tucker supports SVR and he's local. He carries a few brands and you can try them on for fit right there in his shop.
    here is another SCCA supporting vendor SPS Solo Performance. They are also autocrossers and support our community.

    TSD Road Rally - tentatively scheduled for Saturday May 3rd.
    Event flyer will be posted shortly
    Event registration should open in mid-April
    Since this is a road rally, and could have limited person-to-person interaction, we are trying to find ways to keep this event on the schedule.
    We have to work out some details for signing waivers, performing on-site registration, orientation for the required APP that each competitor would be required to use. But we remain hopeful we can make this work.
    More info to come

    Stay tuned to the website and the Facebook group (Saginaw Valley Region SCCA GROUP) for more info.

    Larry MacLeod
    2020 Saginaw Valley Region SCCA - Region Executive
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