• February RE-Marks

    REmarks February 2020
    Larry MacLeod - 2020 Region Executive -Saginaw Valley Region

    Whatís that behind those clouds? Its spring fast
    approaching! Unfortunately, the ice-run gods decided
    they werenít going to let us play this year. So instead
    itíll be another 2 months before we can take our toys
    out to play for the track and autocross season. In the
    meantime we have to find other ways to get through
    the winter weather.

    A few weeks ago, we had our winter blues indoor kart
    race at Extreme Indoor karting in Clio. Sixteen eager racers came out to play that afternoon. We set up practice and qualifying sessions for everyone. Then we split the group into two races ,the A-main race for the faster half and the B-race for the 2nd fastest half. In the B-Main race, itw as Kyle Chipps taking the hard-fought win over Mike Siniff. Over in the A-main, the best battle was for second between Caius Boboescu and Larry MacLeod with Larry making a late pass to
    hold on to 2nd place. But it was Sarin Kodappully who took the lead on the opening lap and walked away with the win over everyone. Sarin is a former wheel-to-wheel kart racer. His experience proved to be valuable when stepping into the indoor rental karts! Thanks to everyone for coming out. Plan on seeing more races like this in the future.

    Weíre also in the planning ďstagesĒ (pun intended) of a road rally, hopefully for some time later this spring. Itíll be a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally. But donít worry if youíve never run one, most of us havenít either! Experience is NOT required, and newbies are encouraged to show up! Keep your eyes on the website and Facebook page in the next few weeks for more info.

    Does anyone have a computer or sim-racing rig at home? Or thinking about building one and joining the virtual racing world? There are a few of us in the region that already have
    Assetto-Corsa or Iracing (two of the more popular platforms). What if we set up an SVR racing night on one of these platforms where our members could race against each other online? Letís
    get some dialogue going on the Facebook group and see if we can get something started soon.

    Another thing we do during the winter is build race cars! I am in the midst of my own engine rebuild. For me, this will be a significant power change from what Iíve been running the last few years, so I have a lot of work to gather all the pieces and ensure its assembled correctly. I also know a few other SVR members are also doing some race-car prep for the 2020 season. Weíre only about 2 months away from the first event, and time is running out quickly.

    Before we know it, spring will be here and weíll all be standing in our favorite paddock next to our favorite race cars. I hope mine is ready in time!
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