• January 2020 RE-marks

    REmarks January 2020

    Welcome to a new decade. In classic SVR tradition, the new year started with icy/snowy weather just in time for our awards banquet. But also becoming a tradition is Sheri Wolford’s incredible hard work she puts into these banquets. This year’s was no exception, as nearly half of our members got together to celebrate successes in 2019 and share a few stories while the snow/ice came down outside.
    But that’s just the start of 2020. As the RE (Region Executive) this year, I have a few goals for us. First, I’m working with the board to help document all the things that we do as a region so we can learn from mistakes and lessons learned and keep building things bigger/stronger/faster going forward.
    I also want to dig into what makes SVR unique. That means getting out to see faces and hear more stories from each other. I think we’re a “family” region, as opposed to a “business” region. Maybe this year we will put on a few social events, either in conjunction with our competitions or maybe totally separate social events. I want to have more chances to “be” uniquely SVR. Maybe this year we’ll try some new/old things just to mix it up a bit.
    Have you wanted to get involved but weren’t sure how? Here are a few chances coming up in the next few weeks:

    • Solo Planning meeting will be Saturday Feb 1st. Sean Tate is working on preliminary scheduling and other key off-season items with the solo board. If you’re interested in being a part of the solo board this year, you can contact Sean Tate at Come on out just to listen, to learn or to take that next step to being involved.

    • February 15th in Clio, we’re going to have a Karting event (sometime in the afternoon). There will be more posted on the website and facebook page about this. Keep your eyes peeled. We’re looking at doing practice/qualifying/race. But even if you don’t want to compete, come out and cheer on the others. It’s sure to be a good time. Afterwards, we’ll do dinner nearby with the group.

    Let’s try to spend more time in 2020 meeting the faces inside the helmets, not just watching the tail lights driving away. In SVR, let’s spend the time to stop and say “Hello”.

    Larry MacLeod2020 Saginaw Valley Region SCCA Region Executive
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