• Jan 2020 SCCA National Convention Recap

    2020 SCCA National Convention Recap

    A few weeks ago I traveled to Las Vegas to attend the SCCA National Convention. More than 450 attendees representing 70 of the 115 SCCA regions were in attendance, making it the biggest and most successful convention so far. Convention is primarily a training ground for regional leaders to come and learn about their certain specialties (solo, race, Time-Trial, Rally). As a region with primarily only a solo program, I was there to see how we could improve our regional programs, but also poked my nose around a few other things that might be interesting to our members outside of solo.

    E-motorports. The SCCA is starting to get involved in e-motorsports. The convention session was a good discussion among different regions and users, and how they’re currently getting into this new world of online racing. There were also some good ideas thrown around about how SCCA at the National level can get more involved. At a regional level, if there is interest perhaps we can consider setting up a race or even a regular league among members. Assetto Corsa and iracing are two very popular platforms. SCCA at a National level is already getting involved with iracing by offering prizes to SCCA members for their performance in the public Spec Racer Ford series, and also the SCCA has been hosting occasional SCCA member only “special” race nights that have been happening about once per month since mid-2019. Many regions are also setting up their own weekly iracing series (Washington DC, Philadelphia Regions to name a few). If SVR has enough interest, maybe we could step into this area. Feel free to contact me if you want more information on e-motorsports.

    But convention was also a chance to learn how regional volunteers can be better leaders. One of the most impactful sessions was Chris Robbins “It all Starts with Respect”. Chris is currently the SCCA’s director of regional development. This particular session was about how respect can change people and change our club. It was about how our leaders need to know where the line is drawn, and when to take action at our events. This isn’t just about Topeka or SCCA board members, he was talking to anyone representing the SCCA, anyone wearing an SCCA shirt, anyone at our local events, coaches, event chairs, safety stewards, grid workers, registrars, corner workers…. All of us. He was showing us how the respect we show each other will reflect on the membership and on our club, and ultimately respect is what the SCCA should be about. Very powerful moment that no one in that room will soon forget.

    Larry MacLeod
    2020 Saginaw Valley Region RE
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