• 2019 Final Points Update and Message from Our Pointskeeper

    Hi Folks,
    I was disappointed not to join everybody at the last event of the season but unfortunately work had me seeing the great states of TX , NJ and a whole lot of road in between. I hope everybody finished the year on a high note.
    Now to the meat of this post. The final standings for the year in Class and PAX points. As always, I endeavor to get everything correct and all members marked in red but if you see something I missed or somebody please drop me a line. I am only human and donít get paid to do it, so mistakes can happen. But really if you have any questions or concerns drop me a line on my email,
    If youíd like to share some of your off-season racing plans hit me up. The Checkpoint could use some articles to fill the long winter months. Katherine Redwine the Checkpoint editor would love to have some help filling each edition. This year articles have been sparse folks. This your club and Checkpoint is your newsletter. You donít need to be a writer to share. If you donít know how to reach her, contact me and Iíll pass you along to her.
    Iím going to do my best to see everybody at the banquet in January or before if there are any social events planned.
    I hope everybody has a safe offseason.
    Jay Payne
    SVR Points Keeper

    Class Points Updated 10-12-19.pdf
    PAX Points Updated 10-12-19.pdf
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