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    Solo is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. Solo events are driving skill contests that emphasize the driver's ability and the car's handling characteristics. This is accomplished by driving a course that is designated by traffic cones on a low hazard location, such as a parking lot or inactive airstrip.
    For more information, visit This Article explaining the ins and outs of solo with the Saginaw Valley Region.

    The 2020 SVR Solo Championship
    is Presented by
    Final Series Points :


    Date Event Location Info Results
    May 17th Saginaw Valley Region Event #1 (Cancelled) Saginaw MAE RESULTS | PAX
    June 19th Saginaw Valley Region Event Test and Tune Oscoda : Wurtsmith MAE RESULTS | PAX
    June 20th Saginaw Valley Region Event #2
    The Troll Bowl
    Oscoda : Wurtsmith MAE RESULTS | PAX
    June 21st Saginaw Valley Region Event # 3
    The Troll Bowl
    Oscoda : Wurtsmith MAE RESULTS | PAX
    June 28th Saginaw Valley Region Event #4
    Ladies Day at the Races
    Midland MAE RESULTS | PAX

    July 12th Saginaw Valley Region Event #5 Midland MAE RESULTS | PAX
    July 24th Saginaw Valley Region Event #6
    Oscoda : Wurtsmith MSR RESULTS | PAX
    July 26th Saginaw Valley Region Event #7
    Oscoda : Wurtsmith MSR RESULTS | PAX
    August 22nd Saginaw Valley Region Event #8
    Oscoda : Wurtsmith MAE RESULTS | PAX
    August 23rd Saginaw Valley Region #9
    Oscoda : Wurtsmith MAE RESULTS | PAX
    September 19th Nexteer Ride and Drive Saginaw MAE RESULTS | PAX
    September 20th Saginaw Valley Region Fun Event (No Points) Saginaw MAE
    October 4th Saginaw Valley Region Event # 10 Midland MAE RESULTS | PAX

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    Great Lakes Solo Series
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    >>> 2020 SVR Championship <<<
    How do I run for a Championship? First you must be a SVR member (You must become a member by no later than the Ladies day event to be part of the yearly championship). Second, you must have at least 5 scored events with SVR. We take the 6 best events of the year. An individual day of competition is considered an event. (i.e. Yooper cup weekend = 2 events). Third, well, you must be fast! These rules count for both PAX, and Class Championships. Also, the top 10 PAX drivers get trophies.

    All events are open to the public. A valid driverís license must be presented at registration. Non-SCCA members will be assessed a weekend membership fee (good towards a regular SCCA membership).

    We run rain or shine. Pre-registration is available (and recommended) via (click on MAE links above).

    MAE will contain the official schedule (and fees) for a given event.


    Need help? Just ask anyone that looks like they know what they are doing. SVR has a vast array of skilled drivers, and technical knowledge. Make sure you walk the course a few times. Always remember to have fun!

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