• Yearly Points Update

    Hi Folks,

    Posted below are the points through the first 8 events. One thing to note, events 7 and 8 where joint events with Detroit Region. All registration went through their registration provider. This caused some name issues and duplication in scoring. To give you an example, Greg Anthony to us normally was also shown as Gregory Anthony when he registered through Detroit's provider. I had to go back and reconcile all these name issues. I tried to make sure I had all them but if for some reason you see one please let me.

    Some of our members have 4 or 5 events completed. Just a reminder it takes 7 events to qualify for year-end class and PAX trophies. You only have 4 events left. The next two events are in August on the 17th and 18th. This will be a joint event with the Detroit region as well. The two regions will also be hosting the Great Lakes Solo Series at this event.

    All SVR members are listed in red.

    If you see any issues please email so I can check it out at,

    Jay Payne
    SVR Pointskeeper

    PAX Points Updated 7-20-19.pdf
    Class Points Updated 7-20-19.pdf
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