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    Track Night in America. Most of us in the club have heard of it. Some of us have even gone to them. Others may have wanted to go but may feel intimidated. Others may be thinking I want to go but I won’t know anyone there. The last hurdle may be the timing. In the past when they went to Grattan the time was even more difficult with a noon start time. The move to Gingerman has changed the start time to 3 pm. This means that if you go to lunch and accidently forget to return, you can make the track with time to spare.
    At this time you might be starting to wonder where are I am going with this? Fear not, or fear I do have a point, maybe even a plan. The first Track Night in America at Gingerman is Thursday May 16th. That is early in our season before it starts hitting on all cylinders. I propose an SVR Track Night in America group outing. Do I have anyone’s attention yet?
    TNIA is a very cost effective way to get on to the track to see what it is all about. If your car can pass our tech it will pass the TNIA tech. Actually tech is self tech as you fill out a form for your tech and hand it in during the registration.
    The action on the track is divided up into 3 groups if I remember correct. Passing is designated in passing zones and also done by a point by. Each group will get 3 sessions and each session will be 15-20 minutes. There will be an orientation both class room like and on the track with follow the leader. Sure beats walking the course. My suggestion is during the first session start out slow and get familiar and comfortable with the track. Then work your way up to your comfortable speed. There are no trophies or points just fun with cars.
    The next step is to find out who is interested. As luck would have it the interweb master has put information online at both the website and Facebook page for people to weigh in on interest to play at the track.

    Now the question is what car to take?
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