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    Our second event of 2018 has been confirmed to take place in Oscoda. The event will be run as follows.

    Friday May 18th : Test and Tune
    Saturday May 19th : Event #2
    Sunday May 20th : Event #3

    If you haven't been to Oscoda yet, it is absolutely worth the drive. Wurtsmith Air Force Base is a huge concrete lot surrounded by beautiful scenery. Camping is allowed on site (no campfires) which can help keep cost down.

    We hope to see you there!

    We would also like to announce a new class addition for 2018!

    We are adding a Street Tire Street Modified (TSM) class. This
    will give non-American cars a rule set similar to CAM. The rule set of entering
    will be the street mod rules, but we will allow all SM classes: SM, SMF, SSM.
    200TW or higher tires will be required.

    It will use an index of 0.832

    Currently not available on MyAuto Events, but another announcement will be made once it becomes available.

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