• 2018 Solo Season Updates

    Spring is just around the corner, and we know what that's autocross season! Tentatively the first event is set for April 29. Don't forget to renew your membership if it is coming due.

    Fees for the season events, payable by cash or check made out to SVR SCCA, will be as follow:

    Pre registered on MAE site - $30 / minor $20
    Walk up - $40

    Pre-registered on MAE site - $50
    Walk-up - $60

    Note - Fees for Oscoda and Kinross (Yooper Cup) may be different

    Need to pay by credit card - pay online, when you pre-register at MAE.

    Note - Not sure if you will make an event?....just a reminder that you can pre-register at the MAE site (My Auto Events and wait to pay at the event. Save yourself time filling out paperwork and the long line at the registration table!

    Have friends or families that want to join? Enroll on the SCCA website
    Fees are as follows'

    First Gear (anyone 24 and under) - $50
    Individual membership - $85
    Family membership - $105
    Military discount - active United States Military service members receive a $35 rebate

    You can find the online membership form under: "Join SCCA" / click on the "sign up now" button in the appropriate membership category (First Gear, Individual or Family), and then fill out the form. SVR (Saginaw Valley Region) is region 100.

    Reminder - if you are the parent of a minor that will be participating as a driver that you need to fill out the new minor waiver forms that were implemented last year.

    If both parents will be present to sign in front of an active SCCA member - fill out the form at Go to "about SCCA", then click on "downloads" then look for the second section titled "insurance forms (must be printed in color).

    If both parents can sign in front of an active SCCA member - print (in color) the form SCCA minor SCCA official 1068 09 15

    If both parents can not be present to sign in front of an active SCCA member, then you will need to fill out the notary form and take it to a notary republic and sign in front of them and have them stamp the document. Again, the form must be printed in color. Use form: SCCA Minor Notary 1068 09 15.

    If you are the legal guardian or a parent with sole custody of your child, you will have an additional form to fill out: Minor Age Affidavit form.

    Once you have completed the forms, you have a couple of options.
    1. If you will only be competing in one region, you can bring the forms to the first event, you will be attending, and leave them on file with the region.
    2. You can carry the forms with you to each event you will be attending and present them at the registration table
    3. You can mail the forms into the national headquarters and request a "hard card" and carry that with you to each event. If you wish to request a hard card you will need to send the form(s) to the national headquarters at (found at "About SCCA / Contact SCCA Staff):

    6620 SE Dwight St.
    Topeka, KS 66619

    Include the forms along with:
    1. Name of both parents
    2. Name and age of minor
    3. Your home address
    4. Telephone number where you can be reached
    5. An email address in case they have questions
    6. Include a brief note stating that you are requesting a hard card

    Allow 10 business days for SCCA to process your request and return the hard card to you. I would also suggest before leaving your form on file with a chapter or mailing to National that you take a picture of the completed form with your cell phone of both the front and back page. As the first event is scheduled for April 29 - start now and you will be all set for the first event.

    Membership Chair
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