View Full Version : Two TSD rallies in the Thumb, Sat & Sun Aug 22 & 23

08-13-2015, 03:32 PM
Detroit Region SCCA is proud to announce two TSD rally events on Saturday and Sunday August 22nd and 23rd. These two rallies, 'Thumbs Up' and 'CAST In Stone', will be run in Michigan's thumb area, and promise to be fun and challenging.

Not familiar with TSD (time-speed-distance) rallying? This is a competive event run over public roads at legal speeds. Each driver/navigator team is given a set of route instructions directing them over the rally route. Included in the instructions are speeds at which various portions of the route to be driven at. The challenge is staying on course while following the route instructions and maintaining correct time according to the given speeds. Along the route at locations unknown to you there will be timing checkpoints which will record your arrival time at the checkpoint. The objective is to arrive at these checkpoint locations at the correct time based upon the distance and speed traveled.

You don't need a specially prepared car, and you can run using just pencil and paper and a calculator. In fact for the first few events it is recommended to just follow the route instructions while driving a few MPH over the given speeds, which will get you in the ball park. There will be awards presented for novice participants (driver and navigator having competed in 6 or fewer events, combined) - so you'll have the opportunity to compete against other teams with you skill and experience level.

Event details and an entry form are available over at Detroit Region SCCA's website, at URL http://detroit-scca.org/e107/request.php?1592] .

C'mon out and join us in either or both of these great rallies!


John Fisheck
Detroit Region SCCA