View Full Version : Scott Nardin's Solo Vee

Tom B
06-27-2016, 12:47 AM
Scott and his son Nick are friends of mine.
Nick posted this ad on roadraceautox.com. There are two photos on that site.
Solo Vees are now in CMod.

Fastest Proven Solo Vee in the Nation
Hi everyone, I am posting this for my dad, Scott Nardin.

2 Time F-Modified SCCA Solo Nationals winning Solo Vee

-Petrucci built 1915cc race engine
-2 sets of race wheels and tires
-1 set of rain wheels and tires
-Many, many extras, spare parts, tools, body molds etc
-Extra 1600cc base engine, many engine parts
-Spare sway bars, Z-bars, extra front shocks

$6,200 for package, contact Scott Nardin at (616) 745-1035 if interested.

Here's a link to the ad -